Houston Hair Weaving Center         
So You Think You Want A Hair Weave

  So your considering hair extensions. With so many different types of techniques to choose from whats a girl to do?This is why you should speak with an expert. Houston Hair weaving Center  has a team of experts that has been in business since 1995 and we know our stuff! From women with thin hair wanting thicker locks to women with short hair wanting long hair right away to women who just want curls or waves or stylish updo's, hair weaves can help any woman extend and expand her hairstyle. Hair weaves also help women who have had accidents with their hair by creating a hairstyle that feels more natural. With all that being said at Houston Hair Weaving Center we are certain that we have a system that fits your budget and life style. 

Hair weaving or extensions come in a many different types. There are different ways hair extensions are prepared. We can add piece for volume, or full head weave. Most of our weave are razor cut to give a natural flow.